Monitor: Surveillance, Data, and the New Panoptic

Our phones record our every movement, call, and contact; cameras record our passage along the street. Collected data streams to fusion centers, and predictive policing targets specific communities for more intensive monitoring. Online sites record our interests and habits in order to engage in “better product placement” while Siri and Alexa listen in. Connected to the economy and mass surveillance, from the high-tech to the low-tech and the mundane everyday, how are artists looking back at, contesting, and revealing the systems that monitor our daily lives? Monitor: Surveillance, Data, and the New Panoptic explores the ways in which our lives are being influenced and determined by visible and invisible actions of “watching over”, reflecting on the prevalence of surveillance in contemporary contexts as well as its historical antecedents. The exhibition will be accompanied by a film series. On view through December 10, 2021, at the Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA&D in Portland, Maine.