The Advent of Green Acre, A Bahá’í Center of Learning

The Advent of Green Acre, A Bahá’í Center of Learning
  • Maine Historical Society

Maine Memory Network is Maine’s digital museum administered by the Maine Historical Society with over 270 Contributing Partner institutions. The Eliot Bahá’í Archives was one of the first Contributing Partners to Maine Memory Network, and has 57 items and 1 exhibit online. Their collections preserve the history relating to Green Acre, a Bahá’í Center for Learning.

Sarah Jane Farmer established the Green Acre conferences in Eliot in 1894. Lecturers discussed peace, world religions, health, freedom, and social justice topics. A 1900 meeting in Palestine with ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, the imprisoned leader of the Bahá’í Faith, changed Farmer’s life. Afterward, she established Green Acre, which became a Bahá’í Center of Learning that continues to operate today.

On view through October 2, 2021.

Featured Image: Abdu’l-Baha, the leader of the Baha’i Faith, at Green Acre in Eliot, 1912. Courtesy of the Eliot Bahá’í Archives, MaineMemory.Net #16597.