Finding Voice, Power, Joy

Carceral Humanism
  • Abdulkadir Ali (I)

film, 6 minutes and 42 seconds, 2020.

Artist Statement

Carceral Humanism explores how it feels to be in a carceral state as a human being on a daily basis. The closest thing I could compare it to is being quarantined for the rest of your life.

Artist Bio

Abdulkadir Ali is an Ethiopian-American social activist. From human rights to community leadership, Mr. Ali addresses issues that continuously occur in silenced communities caused by systematic oppression. He is an Artistic Director with Maine Inside Out, an organization that uses theater to engage communities around the subject of incarceration, and works as an organizer with Maine Youth Justice. An organization that brings people of all backgrounds together to address the failures of the criminal/juvenile justice system while working to advance reform. 

Mr. Ali also works in partnership with the Young People’s Caucus, which connects policy decision-makers with young people to discuss and learn about topics that are important to youth, and Opportunity Scholars at the University of Southern Maine, which creates a bridge for formerly incarcerated young people to access post-secondary education.  As a formerly incarcerated young man, Mr. Ali works tirelessly as an activist and organizer on behalf of Maine’s most vulnerable populations. Mr. Ali lives in Portland. 

Ali uses philosophical poetry from life’s experiences to meaningful messages in hopes of a better world. More at @Humblephilosopherali (IG) or @Humblephilo2020 (Twitter).