Liberation is Spell Work
  • Nicole Manganelli

handset with wood & metal type and printed in copper ink on the Vandercook at Pickwick Independent Press, 2021.

Artist Statement

This is a letterpress print & a meditation on both the powerful spell of typesetting as well as the powerful spell of working for collective liberation: both require believing in something we can’t always see. We set our intentions, imbue them with power, and release them into the world, over & over, with love and precision. We build, we test, we learn, we try again. What’s more magical than that? 


Nicole Manganelli is a white queer femme printmaker & freelance graphic designer based in Portland, Maine. She’s also a member of Pickwick Independent Press and a Junior Designer & Copyeditor at Portland Design Co. She is primarily a letterpress printer, but has also recently fallen in love with risograph printing. Her printmaking work focuses on the daily poetry, frequent heartbreak, & occasional triumph of fighting for racial, economic, gender, and climate justice. One of the major goals of her work is to provide fuel & sustenance to organizers in order to keep people connected & committed to the everyday, long haul work of striving for collective liberation. You can find more of her prints at or @radicalemprints.