Protest and Revolution

  • Yannick Lowery (I)

10" x 12", paper collage, 2020.

Artist Statement

I’m an interdisciplinary artist currently working in the medium of collage. My practice is informed by cultural and social hybridity, language, and the transitive boundaries between 2-dimensional and 3- dimensional space. Utilizing imagery from print media, I intentionally alter and interrogate the methods these images use to shape the collective consciousness. My collage work invites the viewer to enter and engage with ideas of dystopic worlds, Afro Futures, and new utopias. The act of repurposing found paper functions as a tactile timestamp, one that reflects the urgent necessity of documenting our Present Moment.

Artist Bio

Yannick Lowery is a native of New York City and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. Claiming both cities as cultural and creative influences, he cites the rich diversity of their visual art histories as fuel for his practice. Yannick attended The Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD) and Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied sculpture and graphic design, respectively. Yannick describes his current collage work as being activated by societal justice/injustice, materiality, and visions of alternate futures. An avid reader, lifelong learner, and traveler, Yannick’s work is also informed by historical texts, African literature, feral urban gardens, kite-flying, and pandemic-induced inward journeys. More at and @severe.paper.