Finding Voice, Power, Joy

  • Malachi Whitten

audio, 2 minutes and 37 seconds, 2021.

Artist Statement

CCTV is a song I made detailing what it’s like being spied on and specifically targeted upon based the color of my skin. I made the song in response to watching a video that a youtuber made detailing his experience in China. The youtuber was a white South-African, who revealed how the Chinese fit Africans and darker-skinned people into a category named the undesirables; targets that the government would spy on relentlessly out of unprovoked fear that these people were simply up to no good. This is my musical response, poking fun at the absurdity.

It’s important to me to keep work feeling like play. And when it comes to play, I’m not asking for a rubix cube. Rather, allow the neuroticism to switch off for a blessed moment, and instead be replaced with wonder and imagination. When I sit down to create, I think only of my emotions at the time. Higher and stronger the emotion; the better I seem to work.

CCTV was thrown together using a myriad of randomly selected sound effects and video clips pulled from youtube. I mainly sampled a BBC documentary on surveillance in China, and after cutting and placing certain clips from the documentary into the track, it became clear to me what it would be about. I don’t approach music production with any sort of outline or preconceived idea, I simply try my best to represent my work as an extension of myself and my emotions. Most of my time is spent wasting away on the internet, or sucked into video games. These are the biggest sources for my sample library. Writers write about what they know, musicians should be no different. The most personal is always the most creative. 

Artist Bio

Trip-hop and dubstep musician and filmmaker born and raised in Maine. I work hard to bring a unique aesthetic to each of my projects that aim to hypnotize and dazzle.