Protest and Revolution

God or Not
  • Myles Bullen

video documentation of performance, 4 minutes and 16 seconds, 2021.

Artist Statement

I am a current “artist in residence” at the University of Maine’s, Restorative Justice Class this semester and I believe the most important message I can spread that relates to Abolition is Compassion. Compassion for the people who are being abused by the harmful conditions of incarceration. My art is inspired by my work with incarcerated youth and adults, feeling frustrated about the way people are treated for making mistakes and being raised in unfortunate circumstances. My song offers a sentiment of “these prisons are graveyards” and words of encouragement, “you’re beautiful beyond belief, don’t let them sell you shame.”

Artist Bio

Indigenous poet/ indie rap artist, Myles Bullen (pronouns he/they) creates songs and poems advocating for social justice, mental health, and how to deal with depression and anxiety. Myles has toured throughout 40 states in the US, and parts of Europe at venues and colleges, performing and teaching creative writing workshops in schools, recovery centers, and prisons. He has independently released three full albums, Wake Up Century, Not Dead Yet and Healing Hurts. Myles’ song “iamnotforeveryone” is currently at 300,000 streams on Spotify, and rising. More at @beatboxpoet.