sea/sky, blood, earth, you

Imagining freedom, whether as decarceration if not outright abolition, requires empathy, and empathy—literally, the capacity to feel (pathos) together (em)—involves tapping into the part of ourselves that is relational. sea/sky, blood, earth, you starts from that which is relational, in this case, the experience of aging rooted in the body, to gather some finer meaning about fragility, resilience, and the performance of care. Tracing a relationship of kinship among caregivers, Returning Citizens, families, and reentry advocates, this multifaceted project aims to foster awareness of, and reform for, elderly and terminally-ill incarcerated individuals and Returning Citizens. On view through December 9, 2021. Gallery hours are 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays and government holidays).